A New York taxi driver day

Hi, i’m Elly – let me talk about my cab driver day:

cab2Being a taxi driver in New York is not a boring job. You can to meet so many different types of people and get in intriguing situations, never knowing what the day may bring you. It is not easy navigating through the infernal traffic of the city, especially during rush hours, but I don’t think I could ever leave this job. I am not sure that is because I got used to what I am doing or because I start to enjoy the incertitude of tomorrow. To understand better what to say, let me tell you a couple of stories, connected to my taxi driver job.

I am used to taking foreigners, people that are coming to New York for the first time, either to visit it or in search for a more successful life. But one day, I had a Chinese woman that could barely say two words in English. You can tell that I had no idea of how to speak her language, so figuring out her destination was probably the hardest thing I ever did. Because I could not understand what she was saying, she gave me a map of New York at some point, to help me out. The only problem about it is that it was written in Chinese as well, since it was a map created for Chinese people coming for the first time in the city. I know New York, but it is not like a small town where you can learn all its streets by heart. It took me about two hours and a very poorly made hand drawing to take this customer to the destination.nyc-cab

In another day, something very amusing happened. I drove someone near to the Central Park, and when the client got out of the car, a small sized dog jumped on the back seat of my car. What was funny about it is that he didn’t look scared at all. In fact, he was sitting nicely, like waiting for something to happen. I looked at him, and I said that I don’t take bones as payment, only cash. Still, I didn’t manage to convince my furry client to get out of the car. Luckily, I had a friend that agreed to adopt him, since it was obvious that he didn’t enjoy too much life on the streets. He took a risky decision of jumping into a car in the hope of finding a better life.

cab1Cab ride with kidies

Also, the kids these days made me more careful before accepting to give them a ride. Not that I don’t want to help, but I need to pay bills as well. One day, an innocent looking boy entered the cab saying that he needs to get somewhere. I just asked him if his parents knew about him taking a cab, and he answered that they had no problem with it. It never crossed my mind that he had no money for the ride whatsoever. Thus, once we reached the destination, I never had the chance to tell him how much he needed to pay because he opened my door in just a few seconds and started running like crazy. A great way of getting a free ride. This is why now I am more careful when it comes to young clients.

Sightseeingtour in NYC

New York among the most visited places in the world it’s a city that never sleeps and a dream place for everyone. Every year, millions of people of all ages visit NYC; I love New York for its night life and great architectural attractions, having been there ones this are my choices.

pln24-xyz-new-york-city1. Times Square: perhaps among the top ten most popular sights in New York City was formally called Long acre Square. In 1904 the name was changed, which was the first time the New Year’s Eve celebration wax held, but thе fіrѕt “ball drop” dіd not occur until 1907. Thе ball drop has happend every year since, except in 1942 аnd 1943, due to war restrictions. Stretching from 42nd to 27th street, at the junction of Brоаdwау аnd Seventh Avеnuе, іt has bееn called the crossrоаd of the world and the Great White Way it is the only neighborhood with zoning ordinances in which every building owner to illustrate illuminated signs. Here you’ll find the NASDAQ Market site, NY Times Headquarters and the theatre District.
2. World Trade Center Thіѕ іѕ реrhарѕ the mоѕt vіѕіtеd рlасе in Nеw York Cіtу, duе tо when Amеrіса wаѕ аttасkеd and thоuѕаndѕ оf our сіtіzеnѕ and оthеr nаtіоnаlіtіеѕ were killed .It is now a place of remembrance. Visit the Visitors Centre at Ground Zero, walk by the exhibits, see the pictures, read the tributes, but do not miss it.
3. Ellis Island: one of the most popular places in New York City can be reached by a free ferry ride. This is where it all began for most immigrants to the new world. Here аlѕо іѕ thе Stаtuе оf Lіbеrtу, а gіft to Amеrіса оn іtѕ 100th bіrthdау, frоm Frаnсе. It ѕtаndѕ 305 fееt tаll frоm thе bottom оf іtѕ bаѕе tо the tір оf the Tоrсh. Tоurѕ are аvаіlаblе but rеquіrе rеѕеrvаtіоnѕ due to the large amount оf реорlе vіѕіtіng.

4. Museum of Modern Art or simply MOMA: between 5th and 6th Avеnuеѕ in Midtown Mаnhаttаn, еxhіbіtѕ, Arсhіtесturе and Dеѕіgn, Pаіntіngѕ and Sсulрturе, Lесturеѕ and Events, а grеаt рlасе to vіѕіt and bring the еntіrе fаmіlу.
5. Empire State Building: a favorite оf vіѕіtоrѕ for оvеr а сеnturу. Fоr thе thrіll of а lіfеtіmе јоurnеу tо thе 86th flооr Obѕеrvаtоrу, оn а high ѕрееd еlеvаtоr, thаt ѕhооtѕ uр 1050 fееt. At the tор vіѕіtоrѕ саn еіthеr рееk out frоm behind а glаѕѕ еnсlоѕеd раvіlіоn, оr bе brave and ѕее the сіtу from the ореn-аіr dесkѕ lining аll four ѕіdеѕ of the building. The building is open 8 am tо 10 рm dаіlу. Alѕо on the Sесоnd flооr, іѕ Skу ride, аnоthеr wау to ѕее the сіtу that never ѕlеерѕ, zооm through the сіtу’ѕ fаmоuѕ trаffіс, and ѕоаr а mile аbоvе thе сіtу to еxреrіеnсіng the fаmоuѕ ѕіghtѕ then zооm down to thе ѕіdеwаlk, іn the blіnk of an еуе. Thіѕ аwеѕоmе, аеrіаl tоur tаkеѕ уоu аbоvе, around аnd еvеn below аll the сіtу hаѕ tо оffеr from thе соmfоrt оf а ѕресіаllу buіlt, mоtіоn ѕіmulаtеd bag ѕсrееn ѕеаt.

Travelling Through Panama

Panama is a nation in Central America with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, with Colombia (and South America) toward the southeast and Costa Rica (and North America) toward the northwest. It’s deliberately situated on the isthmus that structures the area scaffold interfacing North and South America and controls the Panama Canal that connections the North Atlantic Ocean through the Caribbean Sea with the North Pacific Ocean, a standout amongst the most imperative delivery courses on the planet.

The simplicity of travel and wide exhibit of encounters make Panama a standout amongst the most appealing developing tourism destinations on the planet. In only one week, guests can appreciate two unique seas, encounter the mountains and rainforest, find out about local societies and exploit lively urban life. The capital, Panama City, is a present day, complex city that looks like Miami and has built up business, expressions, form and feasting. Fodors, Frommers and National Geographic have all as of late started distributed aides for Panama, just the second nation in Central America, behind Costa Rica, to have such broad travel scope.

The Canal itself is best seen by means of an ethereal perspective through the neighborhood administrator and is the focal wonder and scene of Panama among numerous. Indeed, even trick and trap flights with veteran aviation based armed forces pilots and skydives are accessible over the wonder of building, to welcome the whole size of and desire behind it.

Panama is known as the “Intersection of the Americas” because of its special position in the middle of North and South America. The indigenous significance of the nation’s name, “wealth of fish”, mirrors Panama’s notoriety for being a heaven for water sports fans and eco-visitors alike. As the isthmus associating two gigantic landmasses, Panama’s verdure is unimaginably different. For instance, Panama gloats more than 900 diverse flying creature species. Panama’s numerous indigenous tribes are as yet flourishing, living in the same antiquated way as their precursors, making its social fabric outstandingly rich.

Panama’s administration has solid binds to the United States and unequivocally bolsters business, advancement and tourism. The International Monetary Fund praises the nation’s expanded economy and predicts it to have one of the most grounded GDP development rates on the planet for the following quite a long while. Panama is known for its very created global saving money segment, with around 80 banks from a few nations setting up nearby offices, including HSBC and Citibank. At present experiencing extension, the Canal keeps on driving Panama’s administration based economy and stays a standout amongst the most critical transportation joins on the planet. Notwithstanding the nation’s solid financial base, Panama’s physical framework, including present day clinics, airplane terminals and streets, is more profoundly created than its Central American neighbors.

Panama gloats a huge expat group; around 25,000 U.S. residents live in the nation. It merits investing some energy perusing up on Panama and speaking with local people, expats and kindred explorers alike before touching base in the nation. Think about joining as some nearby gatherings [1] or online journals for expats or the Central America Forum. Large portions of the nearby online journals can give you the most current information on: surges, quakes, trail closings, and the best eatery audits.


Under 9 degrees north of the equator, the majority of Panama appreciates temperatures that are genuinely reliable year round, with daytime temperatures 30-33°C and evening time around 21-23°C). Tropical oceanic; hot, damp, shady; delayed stormy season, called winter or invierno (May to November); short dry season, called summer or verano (December to April). The most prominent time to go to Panama is December through March, when lower mugginess and almost zero percent shot of downpour make it more perfect for voyagers.

Amid the majority of the stormy season, mornings and early evenings are typically sunny, while late evenings and nights have discontinuous precipitation.

Most zones are very warm, however a couple spots, for example, Boquete, Cerro Punta and El Valle can get somewhat nippy around evening time. You without a doubt need an overwhelming precipitation evidence coat in case you’re heading off to the highest point of Barú since you will be above 3000m for a little time.

Get around

Getting around Panama is an errand of itself, movement at the day by day times of 8-9 am and 3-7 pm can be exhausting, best case scenario ensured to bring about you disappointments, one with the drivers, then with everything else, toll stalls, convergences and impolite drivers. You will discover ordinarily that drivers basically overlook all tenets with regards to the activity, they will drive on the shoulder, in the wrong path and down walkways in the event that it advantages them. There is no such thing as a line in Panama. Offer the Panamanians a bit of leeway and you will lose your spot. Driving is much less demanding finished with a GPS, the best accessible GPS is given by the copyrighted guide delivered in Panama and upgraded quarterly. Panama-GPS.com is the supplier of most auto rental organizations, for example, National, Avis, Dollar, Budget, Alamo, Hertz the other auto rental organizations are utilizing pilfered obsolete maps to manage their clients into the wrong headings and confused data.

Panama additionally has a great deal of money related issues in activity, for example, “cruddy” considerations. In the event that you believe panama’s movement is terrible, you ought to see their cars